Surface Analysis


Kettering University
Flint, MI


The main emphasis of this workshop is on application of various characterization techniques for surface characterization of materials. Kettering University is one of the consortium institutions associated with the Center for Workshops in the Chemical Sciences. This is an initiative sponsored by the Division of Undergraduate Education Course, Curriculum, and Laboratory Improvement of the National Science Foundation. Similar to all other CWCS workshops, the summer 2005 workshop at Kettering University is open to faculty at eligible US institutions including 2- and 4-year colleges and universities. Moreover, individuals, including post-docs and graduate students who plan to embark on a college teaching career, and conservators, forensic, biomedical and public health scientists with significant educational responsibilities, are also eligible. The upcoming workshop at Kettering University is designed to provide a background and modern perspective on surface characterization of materials along with methods to introduce these topics into the undergraduate curriculum.