Nucleic Acid Chemistry

Georgia State University
City, State: 
Atlanta, GA
Markus W. Germann and Zhen Huang (Georgia State University)
26 Aug 2014 - 31 Aug 2014



Sunday: Arrival and evening reception
Monday-Thursday: Full days
Friday: Morning activities; afternoon departure


Sunday evening: Reception

Monday: The Core of Living Systems. Molecular basis of genetics, DNA constituents, DNA chemistry, nucleic acid structure and function, DNA topology, DNA replication and transcription.
*Laboratory Activities: Synthesis of nucleoside triphosphates. 

Tuesday: Nucleic Acid Recognition & Nucleic Acid-Based Diagnosis and Therapeutic Discovery
DNA sequence recognition via base pairing, intercalation, major & and minor groove binding, DNA and RNA inhibition, antisense and siRNA strategies in nucleic acid research. Disease and pathogen detection at the nucleic acid level, nucleosides and nucleotides as therapeutics, ribonucleic acids as drug targets, DNA aptamers, DNA/RNA microarrays, molecular beacons.
*Laboratory Activities: PCR, agarose gel electrophoresis. DNA isolation. Bacterial transformation.

Wednesday: DNA Damage & Repair, Epigenetics and Chromatin Structure  
Mechanism and types of DNA damage, detection and repair of DNA damage. Nucleosome assembly, chromatin packing, gene repression by DNA methylation, epigenetic profiling, histone modifications, chromatin remodeling, silencing by small RNA
*Laboratory Activities: Continuation of activities from day 2, protein expression and characterization. 

Thursday: Nucleic Acids symposium. Posters and Talks.
Utilize your training to see current research in action.
*Optional Laboratory Activities: Access to molecular modeling workstations and software. Concurrent with the Nucleic Acids symposium.

Friday Morning: Nucleic Acids symposium                                                                                                               

image: U.S Department of Energy