Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy - Part 1: Introduction

University of Georgia
City, State: 
Athens, GA
John N. Glushka and James H. Prestegard (University of Georgia)


This workshop is designed as an introduction to NMR. There is a separate more advanced worshop, immediately following the introduction, on biomolecular NMR for those with some familiarity with the fundamental priniples of NMR. The workshop application has a series of questions that will allow applicants and the instructors to place participants in the appropriate workshop. Participants may register for one or both workshops [registration for both workshops requires completion of two separate applications].

Topics for the Introductory Workshop are: 

1. Classical Description of NMR
2. Basics of NMR: Hardware, Ft, Quadrature Detection, Lineshape, Phase Cycling
3. Elements of 1D NMR: NMR Spectrometer
4. How 2D spectroscopy works:  exchange spectroscopy example
5. Practical 2D spectroscopy: COSY, TOCSY pulse programs
6: Examining and comparing heteronuclear 2D pulse programs and data
7. Selective 1D versions of 2D experiments
8. Using available NMR processing software and databases
9. demonstration of Anasazi FT spectrometer and "student" exercise