Modern Biomolecular Crystallography I

California State University - Fullerton
City, State: 
Fullerton, CA
Katherine Kantardjieff and Christopher Meyer (CSU Fullerton), Hartmut Luecke (UC irvine), Bernhard Rupp (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory), Clyde Smith (Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory)


Practically all information about the molecular structure of matter at atomic resolution is the result of crystallographic analysis. Substantial advancements in crystallographic techniques made over the last 25 years allow individuals with quite diverse background and preparation, and sometimes little training, to use crystallography as a tool to address a specific hypothesis-driven structural problem. Ironically, as a result of methodological advances, crystallography as a science as been misunderstood in recent years, sometimes thought of as too easy or irrelevant beyond the solid state.