Medicinal Chemistry

University of Minnesota
City, State: 
Twin Cities, MN
Steven E. Patterson
07 Aug 2016 - 12 Aug 2016



Sunday: Arrival and evening reception
Full days
Morning activities; afternoon departure

The Medicinal Chemistry workshop is designed to assist chemistry educators working to design their own course in Medicinal Chemistry as well as those who wish to incorporate medicinal chemistry into other chemistry courses.  The workshop will provide the participants with a basic understanding of medicinal chemistry.  Instructors will include the PI as well as members of the Center for Drug Design faculty.  The participants will receive course materials that include lecture notes, laboratory exercises and description of Medicinal Chemistry curriculum.

Major topics to be covered will include
1.    History of medicinal chemistry
2.    Legal and regulatory issues
3.    Target selection and validation
4.    Assay development
5.    Lead generation and development/Structure-activity relationships
6.    ADMET/PK
7.    Computational approaches to structure based drug design
8.    Chemoinformatics: data annotation, management and mining

With the exception of Day 1 the daily activities will include a morning lecture, break, second morning lecture, lunch and afternoon hands on exercises as described below. Day 5 will be a hands on laboratory followed by the keynote presentation.

Sunday evening: Reception


Introduction and history of medicinal chemistry
Legal/regulatory issues in drug development
Perspective:  How a drug reaches the market

Target selection
      Structure-Activity Relationships
      Hands on tutorial in Bioinformatics and Molecular Modelling

    Methods for lead generation
    Rule of 5
    Hands on tutorial in docking and virtual screening

    Assay development
    Hands on tutorial in chemoinformatics, data analysis and correlation

Friday morning:
    Hands on exercise: target selection, lead development and screens
    Keynote lecture:
            “Acyclonucleosides to Ziagen: A Journey,” Robert Vince, Ph.D.


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