Chemistry and Art at WCCTA 2010

Deberah Simon (Whitman College) and Pat Hill (Millersville University) gave a presentation entitled “Chemistry, Art and Cultural Diversity”, based in part on the annual cCWCS Chemstry and Art workshop, at the 18th Annual Washington Community College Teachers Assocaition conference at the Sleeping Lady Mountain Retreat in Leavenworth, WA, October 8, 2010. 

The presentation was divided into three parts:

  1. information about the cCWCS grant program in general and the chemistry and art workshops in particular;
  2. an overview of the use of chemistry and art topics as a way to introduce issues of cultural diversity into the chemistry classroom; and
  3. a discussion of how to address concepts of oxidation-reduction of metals through a variety of chemistry and art lectures, projects and lab activities.

Following the presentation, there was a two-hour mini-workshop that allowed the participants to conduct four activities around the theme of redox-reactions of metals:

  • etching of a brass medallion;
  • making a copper leaf pin utilizing two different patinas;
  • anodizing niobium metal and making a necklace or earrings;  
  • conducting spot tests for copper and zinc.

Two of the paticipants in the mini-workshop were alums of the cCWCS Chemistry and Art workshop series - Sara Selfe and Melissa Newell.  They utilize components of the cCWCS workshop in their classrooms at Edmonds Community College.

cCWCS offers annual Chemistry and Art workshops. See the list of Upcoming Workshops for details.