cCWCS Communities

cCWCS provides sponsorship and tools for the development of Faculty Learning Communities. This includes the development of web-based communities that provide free access to numerous resources. Once you have become a member of a community you may add new resources, contribute to the community journal and participate in discussions on the forums.


The Organic Educational ResourceS (OrganicERs) site is based on member-contributed curriculum materials. The site is affiliated with the annual "Active Learning in Organic Chemistry" miniworkshop.


The Forensic Science Scholars (FSS) web-based community is the first Faculty Learning Community launched by the cCWCS program. The community has its roots in the annual cCWCS Forensics Science workshop offered by Professor Lawrence Kaplan at Williams College.


The Chemistry in Art (CiA) web community is an outcome from a long-running series of cCWCS workshops offered by Professor Patricia Hill of Millersville University and her colleagues from across the country.


Just launched! The Nano-Education (nano-ed) web community is an outcome of cCWCS workshops held at Beloit College and Southwestern College (CA).


Related Communities

The Green Educational Materials community is based at the Univeristy of Oregon - the folks who bring you the cCWCS workshop on Green Chemistry.