cCWCS at 2YC3

On March 21, 2010, CWCS co-directors Professors Lawrence Kaplan and David Collard led a workshop at the Two-Year College Chemistry Consortium (2YC3) meeting at the City of San Francisco Community College. The meeting drew faculty from two-year colleges from across the country. 2YC3 is an NSF-supported initiative.

The workshop included an introduction to the CWCS and its plans for web-based communities of scholars. Kaplan then led the participants in a number of activities from his popular and long-running workshop on forensic science. Participants conducted activities related to presumptive drug testing using the Narcotics Identification Kit which is widely used as a presumptive test by police (during the workshop, the participants used diphenhydramine to give a positive test for cocaine); finger printing using an inkless fingerprint method; ABO blood-typing (using an artificial, non-biologic substitute for blood), and the detection of alcohol in saliva using a coupled enzyme assay based on alcohol dehydrogenase (the participants used various brands of mouthwash for the alcohol).