The CASPiE Research-based Lab Curriculum

University of Illinois at Chicago
City, State: 
Chicago, IL
Donald Wink (University of Illinois at Chicago)


This workshop is sponsored jointly by CWCS and the Center for Authentic Science Practice in Education (CASPiE), an Undergraduate Research Collaborative funded by the NSF Chemistry Division. CASPiE features five-to-eight week modules that allow students in typical general and organic chemistry lab courses to conduct research as part of their regular coursework. The experiments that they carry out connect with the research of university faculty who have written the modules. The support of peer leaders working in support of the lab curriculum is also included. The CASPiE model is designed to allow the modules to be used in many different teaching environments, from community colleges to research universities. Participants in this workshop will learn more about the basis of the CASPiE model of undergraduate research, including how to implement the model in their institution with existing CASPiE modules or how to develop a module of their own.